Refund Policy

COMPANY employs a six-month (6) refund policy which is exclusively action-based. If CLIENT wishes to claim this refund policy, CLIENT must submit proof of complying with the following requirements to

    - Been in the PROGRAM for six (6) months.
    - Completed all modules in the Change lives Academy site with homework posted in the Change Lives Academy Facebook  Group.
    - Earned less than ten thousand (10,000) USD total throughout the 6-month period.
    - Executed at least three (3) 14 Day Challenges.
    - Completed the creation and development of a Free Facebook community.
    - Attended at least two (2) calls per week during the entirety of the six (6) months in the Change Lives Academy Facebook group.
    - Completed and sent COMPANY’s Monthly Typeform reporting their income.
    - Gone live on Facebook and Instagram on their personal pages for ninety (90) days consecutively at minimum.
    - Posted 10 stories a day on Instagram and Facebook pages.
    - Posted 2-3 reels per day consecutively across all platforms: Instagram, Facebook and TikTok
    - Posted two to four (2-4) written posts per week on their Instagram and Facebook pages.
    - Sent twenty-five to fifty (25-50) daily outbound DMs on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.
    - Completed the creation of 3 ebooks for lead generation and distributed to their prospects.
    - Set up active training software with 24 template programs completed.
    - Completed 12 meal plan templates.
    - Written a detailed core offer and attached to payment system Stripe or PayPal.
    - Written a detailed avatar and posted to the FB group.
    - Attended at least 3 content audits.

If CLIENT submits proof and is approved by COMPANY, CLIENT will receive a full refund of their paid 6 months in the PROGRAM within the following 48-72 business hours of the approval.

If CLIENT submits proof and is denied by COMPANY, CLIENT will not receive either a full or partial refund, and must complete the remaining time and/or balance left in their twelve (12) months.

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